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■ Excellent strength
■ Easy installation
■ Long endurance
■ Precise dimension

■ Reasonable price
■ Fast delivery

  • Specifications

Product Details:

Place of Origin:  China

Model Number: LM6832QHFR

Payment & Shipment Term:

MOQ: 1 pcs

Packaging: standard exporting package

Delivery Time: 5 Days

Payment Terms: T/T

We can supply spare parts for Staubli jacquard, Bonas jacquard, Grosse jacquard and Chinese brand jacquard machines,  covering jacquard modules, M2 module, M4 module, M5 module, M6 module, M2 pulley, M4 pulley, M5 pulley, M6 pulley, electromagnet valve assembly, Bonas pulley, Gross pulley, module driving card, module electromagnet and etc.

We also provide jacquard harness parts including harness cord, wire heald, jacquard spring, rubber feet, guiding board, heat shrink tube, comber board, injected harness and etc. Our jacquard harness has been matched with various jacquard machine brands including Staubli, Bonas, S&S, Qihui, Senhui, Wumu, and etc.

Our range includes Rapier Gripper, Rapier Tape, Drive Wheel, Guide Hook, Gripper Opener, Base Plate, Nozzle, Solenoid Valve, Display & Membrane Switch, Motor, Circuit Board & Panel, Weft Feeler, Sensor & Switch, Weft Detector, Encoder, Electromagnet, Brake & Clutch, Cutter & Blade, Gear, Heald Frame & Parts, Leno Device, Temple Cylinder, Tuck-in Device, Warp Stop Motion, Weft Selector, Dobby Spare Parts, Weft Feeder Parts, Weft Feeder, Warp Beam, Reed, Drop Wire, Heald Wire, Staubli Jacquard Spares, Bonas Jacquard Spares, Gross Jacquard Spares, Jacquard Harness and etc.

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