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Integrated Supplier of Weaving Spares from China

We have been specialized in weaving loom parts with more than 20 years experience in textile industry, we can deliver textile machinery spare parts meeting the right demand on both quality and price. We are able to provide loom parts that can meet different customers’ needs. Our business area includes India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Turkey, Korea, Malaysia, Middle East, Africa, South America, and European countries.

We mainly provide:


Picanol Spare Parts, Vamatex Spare Parts, Sulzer Spare Parts, Chinese Loom Spare Parts, Somet Spare Parts, Dornier Spare Parts, Temple Cylinder, Weft Feeder and Parts, Weft Sensor, Electronic Weft Selector, Drop Wire, Leno Selvage Device, Heald Wire, Warp Stop Motion, Tuck in Device, Circuit Panel, Electromagnet & Coil, Encoder and Motor, Heald Frame, Membrance Switch and Touch Screen, Rapier Gripper, Gripper Opener, Drive Wheel, Rapier Tape, Drive Wheel, Staubli Dobby Parts, Wire Heald, Jacquard Harness, Staubli Jacquard Parts, Bonas Jacquard Parts, Gross Jacquard Parts.

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